About Gary Dumas
  • Gary Dumas was born in Kansas City Missouri. Gary is qualified to do what he does based on his experiences and strong will developed in overcoming challenges of his own. Because of his once need for encouragement and inspiration through challenging times Gary’s motto has become “The very things he once needed in life is what he gives to others”
  • Gary Dumas started his profession in human services as a substance use counselor for several years for a reputable organization in the Kansas City area. In the spring of 2016 Gary made the courageous decision to use his God given abilities to build his dream by starting The Dumas Company Personal Development.
  • Gary remains proactive in developing his skills in being the best that he can be. Being one that has battled addiction he knows first – hand the unforeseen enslavement that it can produce, not to mention some long terms effects that it can cause.  Gary is recognized as a credentialed counselor, Certified Professional Coach, Wellness Coaching & Trauma Informed care ‘train the trainer’ credentials from Department of Mental Health.

From my heart!

Conducting educational groups are a real honor and something that I take very serious. It allows two things (1) Creates an atmosphere for participants to share from their personal experiences. (2) It gives me the chance to truly connect with participants in an up-close and yet non-threatening way to inject hope and offer new insights to consider.

I take great pride in practicing skills of sincere empathy, flexible styles of facilitation and teaching techniques, appreciating and understanding group processes, interpersonal interactions and rectifying any presented disorder in a non-coercive way.

It’s important for me to participate in an outcome that leaves individuals feeling confident and excited about their decision to participate in their own rebuilding process. 

Every since I was a kid I have always been a fan of facilitators that possess the ability to communicate a message clearly. It would allow me to interpret what was being said and process it in a very practical way. Rather than using terms to sound impressive I would much rather listen to someone that presents in a language that I can understand and apply based on my level of cognition.

I truly believe that what makes a presenter or speaker effective is the one who can effectively offer their developed skills, natural abilities and relevant experiences when presenting on a subject. Because of this explanation of what I value, this is what my passion consists of when I present!

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