About The Dumas Company


What started as a substance use, anger management and personal development education program continues to further evolve in to a sought after resource with a non traditional approach to assist anyone that has an interest in presenting their absolute best in everything, every time, everyday!  Over the years the Dumas Company has built a reputation with many that understand the importance of being connected to a source that manufactures inspiration.

Whether a person is referred by probation and parole, municipal courts, county judicial system, attorney at law, division of family services, participant referral or self- referral you are welcomed at The Dumas Company. REGARDLESS OF YOUR GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION IN THE U.S. We have the system in place to bring our services directly to you!

Your new season begins NOW! Call 816-492-6176 or email us at info@thedumascompany.com – Personal Development, Emotional Fitness, Life After Addiction, and a recently added Personal Development Master Class (On Demand) 

What Our Clients Say...

I truly appreciate the work you do and can already see the positive effects. It really makes me happy– I think you have a unique talent for reaching people, and I am thankful that you have become a part of our court curriculum!

C.W. Judge

"Gary's presentations are phenomenal and make a big impact on a very personal level. Of course, personal happiness is directly related to professional happiness. The tools provided are VERY helpful to reference in the future and appealing to all types of learning styles.

J.S. Mgmt. Sephora Corp.

Gary!, I wanted to send a note letting you know that several clients have provided very positive feedback about your program. One of them said it's the best services offered by the DOC.

M.C. Dept. of Corrections

Gary's great ...the class is exceptional and the best.if u wanna change or improve here's a good start!


In the short time I've been with The Dumas Company, my experience has been insightful and inspiring. It is unlike any counseling I've received before and is helping me in all aspects of my life. Regardless of why you may require Gary's services, each session will have you feeling ready to accomplish what may have seemed impossible.

R.W. Program Participant

Good afternoon Gary, I want to thank you for such a unique program, and one that I was not expecting. Wednesday evenings are now something I look forward to. No matter what kind of week you had your passion and dedication shines through to make a bad week better or a good week great! You’re incredibly positive attitude and approach that is like no other truly stand out. I need to send Kelly a thank you card since with out her I wouldn’t be in attendance. Thanks for everything you do Gary as so make a difference in so many lives.



    Words Collected Just For You
    Special guests invited by Gary Dumas to spread some much appreciated encouragement, hope and inspiration during challenging moments.


    Missouri Corrections