• Testimonies

  • I truly appreciate the work you do and can already see the positive effects. It really makes me happy– I think you have a unique talent for reaching people, and I am thankful that you have become a part of our court curriculum!

    Judge C.W

  • "Gary's presentations are phenomenal and make a big impact on a very personal level. Of course, personal happiness is directly related to professional happiness. The tools provided are VERY helpful to reference in the future and appealing to all types of learning styles.

    J.S. Mgmt Sephora, Corp

  • Gary!, I wanted to send a note letting you know that several clients have provided very positive feedback about your program. One of them said it's the best services offered by the DOC.

    M.C. Department of Corrections

  • Gary's great ...the class is exceptional and the best.if u wanna change or improve here's a good start!


  • great!!! the best "treatment" I've ever been a part of!

    C.O.- Program Participant

  • In the short time I've been with The Dumas Company, my experience has been insightful and inspiring. It is unlike any counseling I've received before and is helping me in all aspects of my life. Regardless of why you may require Gary's services, each session will have you feeling ready to accomplish what may have seemed impossible.

    R.W.- Program Participant

  • Gary Dumas has done something NOW for the benefit of the future


  • Gary Dumas...where do I begin...you deliver insight in so many areas and on multiple levels...with such a diverse clientele yet you reach everyone...you have given me food for my soul and fuel for my goals...you have kept it real while elevating the standard that we live by and engaging our spirit to strive for excellence...your topics are relevant and your candor is necessary and respected...you expect greatness and you instill character without ego or vanity...thank you for caring enough to be present every week and for answering calls and texts at all hours...you are a giant among men in your field...what I have absorbed from your program will be with me for life...in the dark as in the light.


  • This serves as confirmation that Mr. Dumas is an approved service provider for the Missouri Department of Corrections. There are very few people that I hold in as high regard as he and privileged because it may be a long time before I am asked to give another reference for someone as deserving of being uplifted and recognized as he is.

    B.E.- Program Participant

  • The courses provided by Mr. Dumas have been very beneficial and enjoyable for our clients. The curriculum he offers is of a level that really catches the clients’ attention and leaves them wanting to return even after they have completed. We look forward to working more with Mr. Dumas in the future.

    Drug Court

  • I work with Mr. Dumas through my role as municipal court judge for the City of Kansas City. I preside over the domestic violence docket. Mr. Dumas is an approved service provider for the court, specializing in substance abuse counseling, anger control, and emotional fitness.

    Judge C.W.

  • Based on my consistent observation of Gary Dumas’ work ethics I am comfortable expressing that Gary Dumas is certainly an individual that I support when it comes to serving others in the manner of excellence. Gary truly values people of all walks of life. Gary takes his own personal growth very serious by continuing to sharpen his skills, increase the necessary education and opportunities to further develop his abilities. For these reasons is why Gary is able to serve clients with the highest level of competence that ensures their chances of having a life impacting experience.

    Atty, A.C.

  • I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your words of encouragement on your audio book which, by the way spoke volumes... Your lecture and presentation synopsis were quite interesting and informative from the introduction to closing. It was indeed, mind captivating.

    Dr. B. Maxwell

  • The company itself and Gary Dumas is very helpful, the work that he puts in to his content for us hits home, Gary tries his best to make sure that all of the clients gets a message from his classes.


  • What I appreciate most about your program is the comfort that I have in talking with Gary, the care and concern I feel from him, the positivity!

    C.O.- Program Participant

  • I appreciate how much detail you get into and how creative you get with your lessons so everyone can understand and be a part of the class.


  • Gary I have to say I am impressed how you have inspired quite a few few people in our class. You can hear it their voices when they speak. It is really nice to see.


  • What do / did you appreciate most about this program? Leadership/ Mentoring by Mr. Dumas.. curriculum is amazing.. (eye opening) How satisfied are / were you with the program and services? 5 Is there anything that you would like to see more of? All content in the class is great, "just keep feeding me please" Is there anything that you would like to see less of? No it's all good Would you recommend this program / class to someone else? MOST DEFINITELY!


  • Today's meeting was STRONG Mr. Dumas.. I appreciate all that u do for us.. when I said "Eye opening" in my survey, Man I MEANT IT!! It was all TRUTH!! It gives me pleasure to be a part of this and NOW I see "my part" of being a part of your program! U R MY MENTOR!! And I love it!! Thank You!!


  • Thanks for all that you are doing with my clients!! They have nothing but good to say about you and the classes, they all stated that they are opening up and participating and would like to continue after completion!! This is awesome!! Sending more your way!!


  • Last night was interesting. I was attending class live online from inside the car while the wife was driving last night and we stopped at a gas station and my phone cut out and disconnected,..but then I could still hear you talking. As it turns out I was hearing you from another car so I pulled up next to the other car trying to gain service and it was ‘John’ (another program participant) I introduced myself and told him I was going to listen in until my phone reconnected. Its a small world we live in, we were way in stewartsville to look at a truck and he was there on a cab fare Anybody that participates in your program should see the value it carrys so its only a matter of time until the world gets even smaller as more people join the Dumas Company seeking out a better version of themselves. Eventually we wont be able to go out of the house without running into someone from the group.


  • Yes, C.J.RAVES about you and your class. I don’t think I ever seen someone so excited to attend anger management lol. I met with him the other day and he stated he is going to re-enroll into your program because of a series he do not want to miss.

    Probation & Parole Officer II

  • Man it was the best class I've been apart of you brought the message to a level of understanding and respect and self reflection I've never seen before and it really resonated on a personal level unlike anything I've been apart of really appreciate it all man


  • Good afternoon Gary, I want to thank you for such a unique program, and one that I was not expecting. Wednesday evenings are now something I look forward to. No matter what kind of week you had your passion and dedication shines through to make a bad week better or a good week great! You’re incredibly positive attitude and approach that is like no other truly stand out. I need to send Kelly a thank you card since with out her I wouldn’t be in attendance. Thanks for everything you do Gary as so make a difference in so many lives.


  • I was really impressed with Gary Dumas' approach to counseling. He has so much positive energy, to where you immediately put your guard down, and feel at ease. If I have to recommend anyone to any kind of counseling or treatment, this will be the only person that comes to mind for me, very professional, as well as easy going, he made counseling a great experience, instead of something that I had to do, for that he gets all five stars from me.


  • Hey Mr. Dumas I want to first of all thank you for the opportunity to be apart of the Dumas Company program. Wednesday nights was one of the best days to look forward to knowing that I would be able to see you guy’s and get my mental nutrition. We are men with similar backgrounds, meeting you gave me inspiration and motivation to keep on with the life I’m working hard for with the belief that the pay off will be great! Stay good G love you brother.