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  • The Inspiration Behind The 'G-Series' by Gentleman Decision 

    Skin Care For Men From Gary Dumas

    Before I begin let me debunk a few myths that some men have entertained in their mind about skin care practices. One myth is that only women practice skin care. Myth number two, men that indulge in skin care practices are conceited, number three, skin care practices are only for men that have what is considered to be skin conditions.  

    MY STORY There are several reasons why I always pondered the idea of presenting a men’s skin care line. The first reason is to use my influence as a way to improve the culture of self-care practices for men. Self-care has always been a life-style most popular amongst women and the affluent.  It is very necessary that men of all walks of life increase their commitment to taking better care of them-selves as well. I believe that when men of influence on any level use their given platforms to educate or reinforce the benefits of self-care practices more men would indulge on a more recognizable level.   I also believe that the practice of self-care by men can strengthen the spirit of brotherhood of all walks of life.



  • Expansion of network

    People that practice self-care possess a natural tendency to generate an inspiring frequency in and around the world. It’s like an automatic induction into a network of people driven by purpose from the mild mannered conservative to those with a taste of opulence. The practice of self-care expresses the attitude of one that has a desire to take control of their destiny.

    Inspired from exposure

    Third, As a kid I remember observing my mother for several years use a then very popular face cream every day. I would become captivated while thinking of how good and fresh the cream would smell. When she would leave I would make my way into her bathroom and use the face cream product. It gave me a sense of confidence even at nine years old because I felt that I was doing what only successful people did.

  • Product Formulation

    After due diligence in research, lots of communication and in person Q & A with laboratory scientists that are located in various parts of the country and outside of the country the decision was made to enter into a relationship with who I believe to the best fit and finest quality formulators for over 20 years in the cosmetic industry.

    The product formulation laboratory for the Gentleman Decision product line have designs formulas with cold processed botanical extracts and new technology specialty ingredients for over 20 years. Having extensive knowledge about extract potential through research, provides vital information to ensure maximum performance in the designed formula. Using advanced instrumentation, such as spectral analyzers and HPLC, complete these analysis with utmost care and attention.

    Each product was individually formulated with specially chosen natural herbal extracts and specialty ingredients. Aromatherapy essential oils are blended with water-based emulsions to provide results; no sensitizing fragrances are used.  


  • QUALITY CONTROL: Manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled. All critical processes are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications following guidelines of “Good Manufacturing Practices” as outlined by the FDA.

    The benefits of using The G Series by Gentleman Decision

    1. Purifies and revitalizes skin texture without stripping the skin’s natural oils and moisture content
    2. Produces relaxed nourished and healthy skin  
    3. Formulated for ALL skin types, including sensitive skin
    4. Exposes your skins natural glow
    5. A gentle yet effective exfoliation experience
  • What Men Are Saying About The G-Series Quality Skin Care

  • I used the G-1 and G-3, really good product if your’re into skin care, You can feel the difference once you use. I also like that while it scrubs your skin, it's not overly abrasive, I also find that it penetrates my beard well and gets to the skin underneath for a full face cleansing. The face scrub also pairs well with the G-1 for a more thorough cleansing. I'd highly recommend to anyone - Brian
  • I don't go out of my comfort zone with face cleansing because I have sensitive oily skin. But I've been using the Gentleman's Decision products for a couple of weeks now and it’s actually great for me. They have very simple applications and aren't too harsh. There are no overpowering scents and honestly they smell great. The GD products leaves my face feeling healthy, clean and fresh. I 100% recommend. - Anthony
  • I tried out the products and I like them all! - Mike
  • It worked wonders for me after 3 days! I'm impressed and people have noticed. I like them all, especially G4 G3 and G1! - Calvin
  • The G3 goes on smoothly and smells fresh after rinse, you can feel it exfoliating! - Demetrius
  • G1 is definitely a great cleasner! unlike most face cleaners my face did not feel dry after using it. I applied G4 and G5 in combination after I used G1. My face does not feel oily but still moisturized. A perfect balance of not too oily and not too dry. - Curtis
  • I used the G1 with aloe Vera, definitely smooth to the touch and on the face, the G2 with jojoba beads feels very good also! - Paris
  • Finding a quality cleanser that doesn't dry out my skin can be difficult, but G1 does an excellent job of removing dead skin, impurities and other toxins without extracting my natural oil. Great Product! - Lawrence
  • The G Series by Gentleman Decision is where QUALITY meets RESULTS!

    Please read: Because the G Series products are numerically identified does not suggest that you use them in numerical order.  We inspire you to use G Series products in the manner of which you feel confident that your skin care needs will be met.  ALL products are recognized top sellers!       


    14.95  use daily, apply in a gentle circular massage motion to the face and neck areas- Experience a sufficient increase in skin flexibility and skin hydration with the unique blend of Aloe Vera, and Sea Algae Extracts in this formula.  Green Tea, Rosehips, Coconut Kiwi and Hibiscus Extracts are newly incorporated to boost hydration, and condition your skin.  Cleanses the skin gently, removing surface debris,  This non-soap foaming gel cleanser is excellent for all skin type conditions especially sensitive skin types. This product is also good for shaving as well!  

  • G-2 EXFOLIATING CLEANSER (w/JoJoba beads)

    14.95  Recommended use two to three times a week, apply to face and neck area with a circular motion, rinse thoroughly - This is a deep pore foaming face cleanser, which includes AHA/BHA, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic. These natural acids loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process. Natural Jojoba Beads gently exfoliate the skin to prevent occlusion of pores.  



    14.95  Recommended use two to three times a week, Translucent exfoliating gel cleanser, with light scent of natural berries, apply to the face, neck or the entire body! apply in a circular motion without pressure, rinse thoroughly with cool water - This formula features Resveratrol & Enzymes of Papaya. A deep pore exfoliating cleanser with Blueberry and Coffee Beans, which loosens the dead skin cells to reveal a smooth texture.  High-powered anti-oxidant fruit blend and anti-aging resveratrol provide new ways to quench the skin’s need for free radical fighting power.



    14.95  Face or body crème, Use daily after thoroughly cleansing the skin - clinically tested to increase hydration levels.  This formula uses an extract produced by bio-fermentation of a selected strain of red marine algae abundant along the shores of the Hawaiian Islands. Vitamins A, C and E are added to act as anti-oxidants to fight free radicals that cause damage to the skin.



    14.95  Use daily after thoroughly cleansing the skin – This Moisturizer contains Sage & Citrus, A lightweight oil free crème with specially selected ingredients to help condition and tone the skin. Sage, Watercress and Lemon Bioflavonoids help to purify and revitalize oily/combination skin conditions. Anti-oxidants of Vitamins A, C and E are also incorporated in this formula to protect and improve the skin’s elasticity, these combinations of quality ingredients makes this product good for all weather conditions.  

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